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Ashim Ahluwalia

Set in the seedy underbelly of the Mumbai movie industry Ashim Ahluwalia’s Miss Lovely tells the story of two brothers who make horror sex films. After one of them falls for the enigmatic and beautiful actress Pinky the story turns into an obsessive journey through the Mumbai underworld. Director Ashim Ahluwalia talks to us about his film and the inspiration he got from researching the sex movie industry of Mumbai in the eighties.[GV]

Simon Killer still 2

Antonio Campos

Simon Killer is a dark psychological portrait of an emotionally unstable American (Brady Corbet) lost in Paris. In his nightly wanderings through the seedy Pigalle district he meets the prostitute Victoria (Mati Diop). The start of complex and violent relationship. Extra Extra talks to director Antonio Campos about shooting his new film in Paris’ red light district and how he was drawn to its dark and erotic lure.[GV]


Sun Araw & Deep Magic

When Sun Araw (Cameron Stallones) and Deep Magic (Alex Gray) played in Amsterdam, Extra Extra met them for dinner at a fish restaurant just before the show. Both musicians are from Los Angeles, and make music that transports the listener to unknown territory. We talked about how R. Kelly can give you chills, steamy dancehall parties in Jamaica but also about the sensation of music that is hard to talk about, and goes beyond the erotic. The kind of music that feels “like a hand on your leg, a hand on your shoulder, like someone touches you in three different places”. [RR]

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Paul Haworth

Paul Haworth

1 Stacy Sullivan
Your Face, Your Smile 3:12
2 Annie Lennox
Why 4:55
3 k.d. lang
A Case of You 5:12
4 k.d. lang
Live Album Version 4:33
5 Rebecca Ferguson
Shoulder To Shoulder – Piano Version 3:05
6 Dusty Springfield
No Easy Way Down 3:08
7 Olga Konkova
A Case of You (after J. Mitchell) 5:51
8 Alberta Hunter
Old Fashioned Love 4:12

Ashim Ahluwalia

Ashim Ahluwalia

1 I Want To Be Evil
Eartha Kitt 3:29
2 Automatic Lover
Dee D. Jackson 6:56
3 Disco Deewane (Disco Lovers)
Nazia Hassan 6:16
4 Too shy
Kajagoogoo 3:44
5 Miss The Girl
The Creatures 2:36
6 Let the Music Play
Shannon 3:36
7 Oh Sheila
Ready For The World 4:01
8 Title Music Sanam Teri Kasam
RD Burman 5:45
9 Avalon
Roxy Music 4:17


Joep van Lieshout

Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout talks to Extra Extra about redesigning the human body for sexual purposes and how the erotic always plays a part in his provocative work. [GV]



Woodkid is the alter ego of French musician and video director Yoann Lemoine. His music is like an heroic, dark fairytale.

Loes Verstappen

Loes Verstappen

1 Mazzy Star
She's My Baby 4:25
2 Roxy Music
The Main Thing 3:53
3 Dirty Beaches
Tu Ne Dis Rien 4:57
4 Prince Rama
Welcome To The Now Age 3:34
5 Minnie Riperton
Inside My Love 4:42
6 Flying Lotus
Melt 1:46
7 Ying Yang Twins
Wait 2:59


Anne Emond

In Nuit#1 Clara and Nikolaï have an intense one-night stand. After Clara decides to leave in the middle of the night Nikolaï ask her to stay. An emotional confrontation ensues as the two characters exchange stories about their lives and loves.


Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson (1953) sings about Linda, Cindy, Karen and other girls. The multi instrumentalist from Endicott, New York is inspired by both his teen idols as John Cage. His album Do You Really Know Me from 1977 became an underground classic, while Gary Wilson seems to have disappeared for many years.