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James Richards on Physical Logics and Living with Images

Turner-Prize nominated artist James Richards uses a particular phrase to describe his fascination with the films of fellow artist Steve Reinke; that through his work you get a sense…


Ivar Wigan


Principles of Pleasure

Pleasure is a double bind. Its inherent quality of finitude keeps you under the influence. It attracts and repels at all times. Perhaps it is a continuous engagement and negotiation…

Long read interview

Simon Stephens on Scorsese, Libidinous Creativity and Looking for Humanity Where You Least Expect it

I first met Simon Stephens when he conducted a workshop with a group of young directors at the National Theatre Studio in London. He gave us chunks from his latest…


Matt Lambert


David Haines

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Eddie Peake on Revolution, the Ideal Body, and Roger Rabbit

Eddie Peake’s artworks marshal affect to inseminate the hallowed gallery space with a sweaty slick of bodies rendered under the fluorescent light of the nightclub. Driven by jungle music, his…