Objectify my Love!

“[Artist] Tracey Emin’s new husband may not talk much or do the ironing, but when it comes to fidelity, he’s a rock. Really, he’s a rock. No, you don’t understand.


Moving Statues

MOVING STATUES How to resist becoming mesmerized by the elegance of walking women? In particular, in an urban environment, the city takes shape through the pathway created by females’ gait.

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Super-sensual Sleeves

When graphic designers engage with music, then sounds and people twist within intimate relationships. Ilke Gers offers a hole through which to see record sleeves and the world behind…

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Ari Versluis on Engaging with Identity, Role Playing and Capturing the Ungraspable

Since my arrival in Rotterdam I have been fascinated with the odd Chinese pagoda, which is crammed between roads just off the park at the foot of the Euromast. Strangely…


Antje Peters

Short story

Metro Sex

Sex. The very thought turns me to stone. I don’t want to. I can’t. Who with? And so on. I sit at home on…

Short story

Of Sheeps, Wolves & Apes

Once I had a lover with fur: A small, triangular patch of it. It started on his lower back and carried on down in a point to the start of…