No 14

Extra Extra n°14 hovers over many lightening skylines, feeling the metropolis hum. Lisbon based film maker Pedro Costa tells you more on the intimate touch of his protagonist Vitalina Varlela. The eminent philosopher Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi awakens desire and pleasure in the age of impotence. Also in the issue, the artist Monster Chetwynd and an exciting new voice in non-fiction, Kevin Breathnach. Singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart candidly speaks on the thrill of sexy messages. Enjoy a graphic novel on living room fantasies and some sweltering book suggestions on travelling.

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No 13

Simply, pure sexiness: Extra Extra n°13 is in full swing, for the dashing glares to glow on your gut feelings, we are hungry for the lovely sensuality-makers around us

Unspeakable hours of summer linger serenely as Timen Jan Veenstra, Mia You, Mensje van Keulen, Karin Amatmoekrim, Sarah Arnolds, Thomas Heerma van Voss, Hannah van Binsbergen present erotic short stories on the hotel

If life hands you watermelons, make love to them, caress the darker side of lust in an emotionally close talk between Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang and Manuel Betancourt

Enter the beautiful imagination, dreams and wonders of dancer and choreographer Meg Stuart who, in an intimate conversation with Susan Gibb, shares on bodies daring to embrace unknown forces

Follow the rhythm of brega musicians and dancers of frevo in Recife through the lens of brilliant artist-duo Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca in a talk on empathy and urban desires with Matteo Lucchetti

Critical thinker Armen Avanessian never lost touch with his long-time friend Anja Aronowsky Cronberg; they meet in Berlin to share glimpses of friendships and explore intimacy as a valid alternative to love

Blocks of foam, look, latex photo-booths, feel, colorful wooden walls, smell, listen to Parasite 2.0’s words with Nick Axel on the cruelty of modern sensuality

Turn your taste buds upside down discovering the Extra Reading by Fiep van Bodegom and Extra Extra friends, a selection of redolent recipes, literature on sex, delectations, and appetite for life. Eat it all now, you know we talk with a mouth full of aphrodisiacs.

Yes, exist through more than one soul, philosopher Justin E.H. Smith transports you to the Vessel of Others in the Tentacular Thinking essay

Hey sugar, it’s coming smooth, with hard decibels, find Nadine Botha’s Some Thoughts on Sweet Nothings, and Jennifer Boyd’s Extra Extra Musings on Ocular Offal and Chromatic Cannibals

Sole of a shoe, cigarette butt, knee crease, evil eye necklace, hickey on legs, zipper versus hairy torsos, find the sensual photography lexicon of Thibaut Henz, more than language: it’s a neck to the sky; behind squared rocks and melting baroque, discover a new kind of nude with Stuart Ringholt; hard-on for the daring and vibrant depiction of sensuality in the drawings of Soufiane Ababri

Explore the inside and outside of bars and literary fevers in Tangiers URBEX by Abdelkader Benali who shares memories on meeting writer Paul Bowles until the movement of a takchitas dress’ folds

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No 12

A glamourous feel in the air: Issue n°12 takes off, for your suave self to land in the arms of sultriness!

To allure your imagination and trigger unsuspected fantasies, writers Persis Bekkering, Philip Huff, Vamba Sherif, Frank Siera, Sven Vitse, Marwin Vos, Elfie Tromp, Nina de la Parra, present tumultuous short stories on the hotel

In a room of body movements, choreographer and dancer Boris Charmatz shares sensuous gestures in a conversation with Fatos Ustek on permeability and contradictions

Are all poems love poems? Angry, in love, seduced and seducing poet Keston Sutherland addresses writing in relation to sexuality, power and capital with Natasha Hoare

Imagine a queer future with artist Carlos Motta interviewed by Manuel Betancourt on the ways the flesh is both politicized and a political tool through desires

Be disoriented by the talk of filmmaker Anocha Suwichakornpong by Paul Dallas on ruptures and non-places, the cinematography of the invisible

Find a loving home inside the universe of Antonia Showering’s paintings, a color palette depicting seasonal change as a kiss foaming
Stretching towards daintiness, Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’ photographs fetch for a hand under the hem of a jeans, a strand of luxurious vegetation in your hair,
Through the silky rose curtains, photographer Deana Lawson depicts the sensuality of unspoken dreams, the tenderness of generations that stare at you,
Put on your zebra skin baby, Athi-Patra Ruga’s artistic talent fills our hearts with helium, when freedom and transgression merge through the elegance of subtlety in Pauliana Valente Pimentel’s photographs.

Feel how the touch of a certain piece of clothing on your skin can trigger, warm, affectionate memories. Vestjoy founding editor Anja Aronowsky Cronberg explores the sensuality of the wardrobe in the essay Saudade: An Echo of the Past in the Future.

 Let yourself perverted by Sam Steverlynck’s Some Thoughts On feature, a guide to architecture through the city of sins with juicy anecdotes

The desire to meet the other on the tangents of vulnerability. In the Sugar Rush, Matteo Lucchetti invites artists to reflect on eroticism and desire as ways to access alternative notions of precarity, as explored in Visconti’s film Conversation Piece.
Discover the unruliness of Manchester Urbex by Rosa de Graaf, following glistening sequin and reigning queens throughout the pulsating history of the city’s past vicissitudes, time to live q hundred years in one night!
As there is nothing more to desire than more of desires, for you, a selection of erotic literature in the new feature Extra Readings; a panel of daring language and shared fantasies to inspire a walk with a lover, or to keep your lust warmer under the sleeves of winter.

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No 11

Turn your senses upside down. Extra Extra’s issue 11 transforms a tender gesture into a dance of stirring desire.

Seeing bodies as monsters, Lucrecia Martel talks about unruly desires, suffering, and the geography of the body on the left bank of the Paraguay river in a candid talk with with Manuel Betancourt.
The light of Tim Etchells’ neon signs flickers in Samuel Saelemakers’ head. Together they talk about the eroticism of semantic, phone sex, and ventriquolism. Anicka Yi’s conversation with Rosa de Graaf has a flavour that can spur longing, form sense memories, and reconfigure the sensuous politics of taste. Quinn Latimer wonders how to live in another body by unmasking the erotic relationship between the performer and the audience. Out of sight, Fatos Ustek elaborates an exciting reading of Alain Badiou’s In Praise of Love in the essay titled Event Horizon.
Cruising for discretion, Richard John Jones unravels the history of poppers, shares glimpses of Vito Acconci, amongst other provocative sparks. Nathalie Hartjes imagines the unnamed archetypal city inspired by the pathways and crevices of the Extra Extra archive. The sultry sound of the Paris suburbs by Tshegue uplifts our bodies beyond the fusion of vivid afros rhythm, garage rock, electro trance, and club-culture music. Through the eyes of Adomas Narkevičius, we witness the breakthrough of the hidden sensuality of Vilnius and its liberation from the constraints of the past.

The new issue of the Extra Extra Magazine includes a panel of dashing visual imageries; Let yourself be seduced by the erotic flesh as captured in Patrizio di Massimo’s paintings; Kris Lemsalu’s puppet-like sensuality explodes our pupils. Breathe a little louder darling, yes breathe a little louder while reading the Extra Extra erotic shorts stories by Don Duyns, Maartje Wortel, Abdelkader Benali, Daniël Dee, Marja Pruis, Carmien Michels, Daniël Rovers, and Kaweh Modiri.

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No 10

Jouissance: hold it in your hands, steamy hot Extra Extra magazine’s festive Tenth Edition. You can feel the presence of luscious and seductive voices, together with Allan Tannenbaum, we travel in time and revive Studio 54.

Featuring an array of lingering interviews and art works, fashion designer Victor Barragán shares on boredom and ruffling expectations with Nadine Botha; filmmaker Bertrand Mandico talks with Nicholas Elliott who accompanies the reader to an island of pleasures in Les Garçons Sauvages; a visual absurdity sorely performed by the art of Roger Ballen & Asger Carlsen’s photographs; Charlotte Scheiffert’s drawings on vegetative blossoming and corporeal metamorphosis. The virtual flesh of Ed Atkins interferes in between words and pages with Natasha Hoare in a conversation on abject bodies, incorporeality and literary inspirations; brought together with fanciful drawings by Joep van Lieshout; and Sam Steverlynck’s Some Thoughts On the dying art of peep shows. Performance artist Ieva Misevičiūtė sticks out her tongue and discusses on tangents, verticality, everyday pleasures with Fatos Ustek, the tongue, a lavish subject further explored by writer and filmmaker Agnieszka Piotrowska within the pool of monstrous passions to be found through cinematic references in our new Essay feature Tentacular Thinking; Nelson Morales’ exclusive photographs of the sexual eclectic; and the erotic volatility of Phumzile Khanyile’s photographs;

Come and lose yourself in the exclusive series of erotic short stories, which brings together the most delicious minds we know in Dutch literature including; Maria Barnas, Oscar van den Boogaard, Alma Mathijsen, Astrid H. Romer, Alfred Schaffer, Ivo Victoria, Daniël Vis, Kira Wuck.

Extra Extra’s five years anniversary, it’s a Sugar Rush, Fatos Ustek invited friends, artists, and previous contributors to share bites of everyday exuberance, sexy anecdotes, and sensual gestures.

We land on the edges of Barcelona’s bristly poetry with the Urbex by Laura Sangrà, staring at the sky’s flaming tassels until the dawn of decadence.

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No 9

Lick your lips, snap your fingers, and let Extra Extra No 9 trigger a trick. We have concocted an audacious elixir for your papilla to be allured.

Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul sits on our table and shares mythical sensory experiences, tenderness and warm humor with our writer Paul Dallas. Do you also wonder how relationships can heal and expend our consciousness?
Devouring an artwork by Laure Prouvost is to swallow the seductive elements that fathom and stick the audience through lactation, smell, secretion, and corpulence; curator Natasha Hoare explores in what way Laure succumbs to a state of lush and allurement.
Daring a view of Aaron McElroy’s crude and delicate photographs, meanwhile sucking a toe, and pulling out the tang; artist Sarah Anne Johnson blows up sparkles of abstract paint on your bed, beyond the surrealist nudes; photographer Nikolay Bakharev brings a sweltering and delicate worlds of affection through his lens; artist Sam Samiee composes posters for your bedroom, sensibly depicting boys’ voluptuousness when asleep. Do you want to play with Extra Extra writer Fatos Ustek? Her Musings piece is a philosophical emulation about the sensuality of play, and what elapses an encounter.
Biting, chewing words, performer Michael Portnoy explores the unity between sex and language in diverse societies and intriguing rituals, and how the rhythm of thoughts unfolds through prose-poetic in our feature Some Thoughts On. Do you ever night walk? Author Matthew Beaumont takes you on a literary journey in the sensuous and obscure streets of London in the delicious company of you my dear reader, together we share the dangerous and the sensual of night walking.
The Urbex on Hamburg lies in the hands of author Kerstin Niemann, who opens to us the gate of pleasure, sharing stories of sailors, crocodiles, and drag queens.

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No 8

Put your hand through the mailbox, Extra Extra No 8 brings together scintillating interviews, conversations, sweltering imagery and commissioned essays.

With the new edition we welcome a plethora of city dwellers. Fashioning a magical cinema of longing, director Alain Guiraudie sat down with Paul Dallas to talk about both his fascination and repulsion. In London we picked up Tim Hoare’s thrilling instalment of the Musings series. How to ward off the evil eye? Next, catch a flight from Kyoto to Stockholm or vice-versa, along with dancer and choreographer Shintaro Oue who speaks candidly about matters of the heart, true love and feeling lost as a way of life.
Take a peek at the enticing imagery, this new issue boasts Lena C. Emery, as she lovingly dresses the female form in her shots; George Nebieridze, one of the sparkling stars of the Berlin photography scene; from London and Berlin we travel to Baroda and get lost in the unique figurative works by accountant-turned-artist Bhupen Khakhar; Helen Verhoeven immerses in the classical artist-muse relationship with the beautiful Libby, and in New York the intimate, dreamy portraits of Shen Wei entrance while rendering a secretive and poetic world.

Inhale the sun shining over the harbour city of Marseille with Extra Extra’s Urbex – Richard John Jones unveils the forbidden pleasures and transformative desires of the city contemplating writers, émigrés, strays and pleasure seekers.

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No 7

The 7th installment of Extra Extra offers tantalizing interviews and in-depth conversations between creative minds who dare to share their fantasies. What will love look like in the future? Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat and Dimitris Dalakoglou speak candidly on the radicality of love. Srécko, originally from Zagreb but now traveling the globe, expects a radical change in our most intimate mode of life. Moving to London, our editor Tim Hoare had a lovely conversation with playwright Simon Stephens. The director of Pornography and Song From Far Away writes with razor precision of trapped lives, charged cities and with overpowering sensory detail.

In an exclusive interview, poet and translator Stephen Romer and Natasha Hoare dive into the French Decadent literary and artistic movement, that placed the erotic at the heart of its aesthetic; photographer Ari Versluis witnessed the birth of the hard-core techno music underground and Gabber scene in 1990s Rotterdam, capturing people in euphoric state of trance; in Some Thoughts On, Sam Steverlynck ventures into lustful plosives and sensual labials.
Do you already know our Urbex feature? This time Övül Durmusoglu lingers in the parks of the timeless metropole Istanbul, waiting for the fabulous divas to appear.

For your added viewing pleasure, the issue also offers sultry imagery such as Billy Sullivan’s dreamy photos and paintings of friends, lovers and muses and Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223) who – with a playful eye – documents wild parties and chaotic love.

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No 6

In the 6th edition of Extra Extra, we find ourselves in Mexico City to meet celebrated filmdirector Carlos Reygadas. In his movies Japón and Post Tenebras Lux Carlos creates an intimate cinema that is vividly tactile. In New York, Eve Marie Blazo teams up with Hussle Club front man Prince Terrence to speak about the Brooklyn nightlife where punk-icon Debbie Harry comes to the parties he DJ’s at; London-based artist Eddie Peake rocks the Barbican and talks about his love for Jungle with Extra Extra editor Natasha Hoare; choreographer Mette Ingvartsen prepares for new adventures at the Volksbühne in Berlin.

Invoking a colorful, modern and tropical universe, artist Melanie Bonajo has an eye for absurdist images of nude figures. Walk with us through the cities of Amsterdam, Brussels, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris and Seoul. Gracing the cover of Extra Extra no. 6 is a photo by Max Pinckers & Quinten de Bruyn who bring to light different stages of transition phases experienced by transsexuals in Thailand.

Also, the complex and multi-layered canvases of artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby expose us to intimate scenes, while Giasco Bertoli‘s photographs photographs constitute a sensual place of narration.

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No 5

Extra Extra No. 5 travels the globe in search of blazing stories and mysterious encounters. Alejandro Zambra‘s melancholic and inventive fiction closely connects the everyday with romantic, and sometimes uncomfortable, love. The novelist speaks candidly on the writing of love stories, poetry and diaries with playwright Alejandro Moreno. Moving from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires, Extra Extra meets with filmmaker Lisandro Alonso. His mythical masterpiece ‘Jauja’, set in Patagonia in the late nineteenth century, still presents a true mondaine tale. In an interview with Nathalie Hartjes Beijing-based artist Tianzhuo Chen shares his spiritual experiences and highlights voguing in his performance in the heart of Paris. Tokyo photographer Sakiko Nomura intimately documents male nudes.

This issue of Extra Extra sees the lovely Musings essay by Jonah Goodman who lets his heart speak on the sexiest sense: scent. Explore the streets of Berlin, Budapest, Glasgow, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague and Vancouver and join on a poetic journey – full of sassy humor – to unexpected locations in Extra Extra’s Urbex of Rotterdam. With contributions by Douglas Coupland, who wonders about the state of relationships in the twenty-first century, writer Alasdair Gray on lust and life in letters and Nikita Shokhov‘s observing photo’s documenting Moscow nightlife, amongst others.

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No 4

The fourth installment of Extra Extra offers Camille Vivier’s subsequently breathtaking photos with an uncanny charm and the work of emerging photographer Collin LaFleche who invites us into a rather raw coming of age story. After bumping into each other at their Brooklyn neighborhood coffee shop, filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues and editor Paul Dallas meet up in Brooklyn for a conversation that flocks birds and maps, saints and interpretations of sexual ecstasy.
In an interview with Natasha Hoare, artist Mary Reid Kelley shares her fascination for the grotesque and love for language; Mircea Cărtărescu transmits desire and a rather subdued sort of loneliness projected from a room in a uniform concrete Bucharest apartment tower in his story ‘Blinding‘, while in ‘Last Supper in Seduction City‘, novelist Álvaro Enrigue tells a tale about a chef’s libidinal recovery that might make you blush.

In the Urbex by Mirene Arsanios, Extra Extra roams – while taking some nostalgic turns – the streets of Beirut. Wander with us to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Mexico City, Olivebridge, Paris, Rotterdam and San Francisco. With contributions by Paola Antonelli, Lee Friedlander and Anne Vegter, amongst others.

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No 3

Exploring urban desires and sharing captivating stories, the third issue of Extra Extra introduces its new section Musings, studies of the senses. In ‘Sound Reaction‘ Adam Kleinman turns to the sense of hearing. Berlin-based musician Planningtorock is interviewed about her using vocal distortion effects and album ‘All Love is Legal’. At the bedrock of Los Angeles’ film industry Musso & Grill, Aram Moshayedi meets canonical filmmaker Kenneth Anger, discussing ‘Scorpio Rising and Lucifer Rising’, shorts that make your retina tingle. New York film director Ira Sachs speaks about desire, deceit and one night stands, while photographer Ren Hang‘s uncensored nudity in Beijing is presented as well as the Kiev photography duo Synchrodogs who expose the interrelation between human and nature.

Also, 20 more pages are dedicated to the visual as Armen Eloyan opens up a world of cartoonesk underground sexuality and Kati Heck paints enchanted mundanities. Elsewhere in the issue, Extra Extra dives into history with the free-spirited work of Katharina Eleonore Behrend juxtaposed to the contemporary photo’s of Marianne Mueller. This edition’s Urbex on Sao Paulo celebrates the city of hidden desires. As always, Extra Extra includes a number of exciting contributions, from short stories to exclusive interviews and visual art, while bringing you to cities such as Antwerp, Ft. Lauderdale, Istanbul, Kiev, Los Angeles, New York, Rotterdam, San Francisco and Zurich.

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No 2

In the second edition Extra Extra editor Adam Kleinman meets legendary film director Catherine Breillat who discusses her latest film ‘Abus de Faiblesse’; we travel to Fire Island where artists AA Bronson and Carlos Motta talk candidly about queer rituals, intimacy and mortality; inseparable from his camera, Maxime Ballesteros ventures into Berlin‘s intense and sexy nightlife, while the renowned Tokyo architects of Atelier Bow-Wow dream of building a house for a secret mistress and image making duo Petrovsky & Ramone mix photography and poetry to create serene images.

This issue presents the paintings of angelic women cast within fantastical landscapes by Lisa Yuskavage as well as Tala Madani‘s provocative and humorous paintings. Vancouver and Mexico City are sets of the hot short stories of Vanessa and Arturo. In its recurring feature Urbex, Extra Extra invites you on a rollercoaster ride through the city of Brussels to see what is hidden behind the cluttered facades of this administrative metropolis.

This issue of Extra Extra also travels to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Douala, New York, Los Angeles and Rotterdam, plus revealing contributions by Abdelkader Benali, Michael Bullock, Viviane de Muynck and Patrick Wokmeni, amongst others.

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No 1

Extra Extra nouveau magazine erotique celebrates the sensual modern life against a vibrant urban decor. It offers a wide range of interviews, essays and stories that will arouse and delight you in equal measure. In its debut issue, Extra Extra editor David van der Leer speaks with Brooklyn-based film director Nicolas Provost about place, space and the relationships between people in his films and personal life. This issue also features interviews with fashion designer Veronique Branquinho, telling us about her love for gravelly voices and use of raw materials and Montrealer contemporary dance legend Louise Lecavalier who shares her knowledge of the muscles, creating new forms of relationships in the dance world.

Other notable features include Oscar van den Boogaard‘s short story ‘Living Dolls‘ and photographer Aneta Bartos‘ vulnerable ‘Boys’. This new autumn season is welcomed with the Urbex, an urban exploration through a poetic itinerary to unexpected locations. Defne Ayas wanders the streets of historical and contemporary Shanghai, exploring the city’s hyper-palimpsest. Insight conversations and intriguing images: it is al there in the very first installment of Extra Extra Magazine.

Loose yourself in the alleys, avenues and parks of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cleveland, London, New York, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. With contributions by Frédérique Bergholtz, Hamid El Kanbouhi, Erik van Lieshout and Vivian Sky Rehberg.

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Wollzeile 11

Valora Retail A.GmbH&CoKG
Airport Departure

Prainer Christian
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Thalia Buch & Medien GmbH
Hauptplatz 6

Philip Glaser Books
Kirsebaerbakken 14

Super Salon
Chmielna 10

Print Matters
Predigerplatz 42

JRP Ringier Kunstverlag
Limmastrasse 270